Write For Us!

Hello! We’re happy to welcome you back to CR Dogs! We’re quite happy that you’re giving some thought to being a writer. In fact, we firmly believe that the world, in general, needs more people who are comfortable with words.

In fact, we are always on the lookout for more talented individuals to join our close-knit family of writers. So yes, we are presently entertaining applications and requests to join our writing team. If you’re wondering what sort of writers are being entertained here, here are a few requirements:

Writing Experience

We would love for any interested parties to have writing experience. We do not require professional experience but those that run blogs or frequent formal writing are wholly welcome.

Plagiarism Checker

We only accept writing that has been sent through plagiarism checker software. Integrity is very important to us and while we have our own software to check plagiarism, we would prefer our writers to have their own so there are several layers of security that the content will need to pass through.

A Pet

We would prefer that our writers have their own pets. We highly value the voice of experience and this is something that we wish to tap into. As our website focuses on the topics of pet and dog food, we believe that we would be best served by individuals who have their own pets.

For interested parties, please reach out to our site head. Mr. Mitchell will always be ready to entertain any queries or applications for our writing team. We hope to hear from you soon!