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Hi! Welcome back to CR Dogs! We’re your number 1 source for pet food discourse! In this page, we wanted to discuss something that we feel is quite important—especially in today’s world.

The land of the internet has really muddled the way information is disbursed. It seems that everyone can pretty much upload their thoughts and beliefs whether it is legitimate or credible. This means that we all need to a little more discerning about the sources of our information. In the years of research, there are a few resources that really stood out and we’d like to share them with you. Here are a couple of useful resources that can help you grow your knowledge, too:

The Pongo Fund

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If you’re fond of Disney that you will know who Pongo is. Pongo is the loveable Dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians. The sheer number of the dogs the pet owners have at the end of the movie gave rise to the question of how they were planning on feeding all those dogs.

The Pongo Fund is a pet food bank organization. They collect donations and organize events that help homeless dogs and they also help dog owners who cannot presently provide for their fur babies.

Pet Nutrition Alliance

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The Pet Nutrition Alliance is a pretty good resource if you’re seeking medically-backed information about keeping pets healthy.

If you’ve got any useful resources that you consult, you may want to consider sharing that with us. Give us a call and we’ll add your resource to this page.