Are you looking for something fun to do with your dog? Why not try tracking? It is fun for both you and your dog of any size, breed, or age.
Tracking is where dogs follow human scent and receive a positive Reward/Toy for doing so. Tracking training helps to develop your dog’s problem solving skills and will provide much enjoyment and exercise for both you and your pet.

Family pets with high energy that need something to do have benefited greatly from tracking training as it not only tires them out but requires them to problem solve which stimulates their natural instincts and drives.Tracking is also a great activity to build confidence in a shy/fearful dog as well as build focus on a task for the more confident/outgoing “busy” dog.

Dave Walker of Command Response Dogs has been training working dogs such as Police Dogs, Prison Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, and Family Pets/CKC/AKC Competition Tracking dogs for over 30 years.

As an internationally certified police dog trainer/ judge his unique skills and experience as a law enforcement canine trainer and handler makes him one of Canada’s most experienced tracking dog trainers.

Dave and his certified team of qualified instructors/trainers have the necessary working dog skills, expertise, and real life SAR canine experience to help you achieve your tracking goals. Weather your goals are to just do something fun with your dog, train seriously for a CKC/AKC/Schutzhund tracking competition title, or actually track lost or missing persons as a Search and Rescue Canine Handler, you will are being trained by the very best.

As current working SAR Canine Handlers for Ontario law enforcement agencies as volunteers, Dave and his team of instructors/trainers will ensure that your tracking training and techniques are the most up to date in the world of working dogs.

The once a month tracking training sessions are provided by Search and Rescue Dogs Ontario ( which is a non-profit organization as a fundraising event for their volunteer SAR Canine teams.

(Search & Rescue Dogs Ontario is a non-profit organization and does
not receive any government funding. Generous donations from the community along with their monthly fundraising training days are the sole source of funding. They offer their Volunteer SAR Canines at no cost to Police Services/Families across the province. Donations are made through the Hamilton Mountain Rotary Club who sponsors the team.)

The once a month 2 hour Saturday morning outdoor training session will take you step by step through the theory of tracking and show you how to teach your dog to track. You will be given homework to practise after each monthly session in order that you can progress through all our levels of tracking.

As your tracking skills progress each month you will be able to advance through the CRDOGS Tracking Levels where you will receive a tracking certificate of completion. If you are competition minded then we recommend you pursue a Canadian Kennel Club (, North American Mixed Breed (, or Schutzhund tracking title as a training goal.

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