Why use a detector dog?

For decades professionally trained dogs have proven to be the most reliable and consistent tool in the detection of illegal drugs, explosives and firearms utilized by law enforcement agencies around the world.  To date science has not been able to produce a machine/device that is more effective/non-intrusive in searches of people, transportation and property for contraband/weapons.

With a recent escalation in terrorism events in Canada and continued rise in illegal drug use/trafficking, detector dog teams continue to be one of the most effective search tools utilized by Law Enforcement/Security Agencies across North America.  Specialized detector dog teams are depended upon by these agencies in providing continued safety and security to our schools, businesses, workplaces, special events, and public places, in our society.

Routine, random Detector Dog Team searches are being conducted on regular basis in manufacturing facilities, transportation companies, service firms with vehicle fleets, airlines, schools, and homes every day in North America as well as abroad.  These facilities and homes are turning to detector dog teams to provide added security as well as an effective deterrent to illegal behavior.

Who would consider using a detector dog?


Parent concerned if their child is involved in drug use/distribution.


School administrator concerned with student involvement in drug use/ distribution and firearms on school property

Increase in Bomb threat hoax  in order to disrupt exam times.


Employer concerned about drug abuse in the work place which leads to higher accident/WSIB claims and decreased work productivity.

Employer concerned about weapons in the workplace.

Employer concerned about Emergency Management of Bomb threats.

CEO’s of corporations concerned with security issues regarding the threat of domestic or international terrorism against their company assets in Canada or Internationally.


Public Event organizer concerned with practising due diligence regarding public safety and bomb threats real or perceived and how to prepare and  respond.

Sporting Events where crowds are screened for explosives at entrances, backpack searches and crowd movement in the case persons moving in large crowds carrying explosives on their persons.



Why use Dave Walker/Command Response Dogs Detector Dog Teams?

For many years Dave Walker of Command Response Dogs has provided professionally trained detector dog teams to families, schools, and employers/business in the detection of illegal drugs, explosives, and firearms.

In a few hours a CRDogs detector dog teams can scan your home, workplace, business, or special/sporting event for the odour of contraband items such as narcotics/weapons or explosives in the event of bomb threat.

Our specially trained detector dog teams are available anywhere, anytime for a onetime special event or routine random searches of a home, group home, school, business/workplace, special event/sporting venue on a regular basis as a deterrent.

How are CRDog’s detector dog teams are trained and certified?

Currently in North America, private security agencies or individual dog trainers offering detector dog services for the detection of drugs or explosives in the private sector are not required to maintain any kind or training standards or certification by legislation or law.

Therefore it is important that an employer/person seeking out the services of a private detector dog service should ensure that they have recognized law enforcement training standard and certification.  Each detector dog team they contract should be able to prove that they train and certify to these standards each year for legal/civil purposes.

As a past law enforcement dog handler and currently a certified police canine trainer and judge, Dave Walker ensures that all Drug/Explosives detector dog teams at CRDogs are selected, trained and certified to both Canadian and International law enforcement canine standards.

Training standards used in the initial training of each Command Response Dogs detector dog are the same used in current law enforcement detector dog training courses across North America.

The Command Response Dog Certification Standard for both drug and explosives certification are based on the United States Police Canine Association Standards (www.uspca.com) which is the largest certifying body of Police Dog Teams in the world.

Each year all Command Response Dogs detector dog canine team are tested and certified to the Command Response Dogs Standards by a certified police canine judge/trainer.

All dog teams are trained passive alert dogs where upon detecting the target substance odor they alert by sitting and looking at the source of odor waiting for their reward from the handler.  The dogs do not scratch, dig, or disturb the area of the source odor.


Drug Detection - Home

Command Response Dogs provides confidential, expert, reliable, and discreet drug detection dog searches for parents.  The searches help to determine if there is illegal drug use present in their home by a family member or friends.

Drug Detection - Industry/Workplace

Command Response Dogs provides confidential, expert, reliable, and discrete drug detection searches for businesses, factories, warehouses, commercial vehicles/cargo, aircraft, cargo areas, job sites, remote work camps, etc.

Drug Detection - Schools

Command Response Dogs provides confidential, expert, reliable, and discrete drug detection searches in public and private schools, high schools, colleges and other educational institutions. School counselors, principals, parent groups, school superintendents, turn to Command Response Dogs as the source for keeping their schools safe and drug free.

Explosives Detection

A CRDog’s Explosives Detector Dog (EDD) team will provide a strong visible and psychological deterrent against criminal and terrorist threats. For the detection of explosives an EDD team is the most effective countermeasure tool available in the security industry today.