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4 Common Pet Health Issues Associated With Improper Nutrition

The reason why nutrition is so important is that it can directly affect the quality of life of an animal. In case this point hasn’t quite been driven home, let us give some examples of health issues associated with improper nutrition.


Obesity is, by far, the most common health issue that pets have today. There are entire pet-centered shows that are about raising awareness over pet obesity. It seems that pet owners tend to keep feeding their pets beyond what they need to survive.

As a consequence, pets grow up quite unhealthily and suffer for it. Obese pets often suffer from difficulty breathing and various digestive issues. In extreme cases, they can die as their hearts cannot supply enough blood for their overly large bodies.

Digestive Issues

When pets aren’t given the right sort of food, they develop digestive issues. It’s either they cannot digest the food or it simply passes through them without getting processed properly. The quality of food that is given to pets is important.

If the quality of food isn’t not taken into account the pet suffers for it. The pet owner may think that since they do feed their pet regularly, there should be no issue. However, if what they feed their pet is substandard and has little to no nutritional value; all that effort goes to waste.

Kidney Disease

This is, sadly, one of the more serious health issues which plague a lot of pets nowadays. When the food that they get is consistently high in sodium, their kidneys develop illnesses which can often turn fatal if not checked.

A lot of smaller dogs are prone to this issue. This is because smaller dogs tend to be babied more than bigger dogs. The owners of smaller dogs tend to give them larger portions and those same owners don’t check the sodium content of the food being given.


Anemia is an illness that is usually attributed to humans. However, this is also a common health issues in animals that is brought about by poor nutrition. Red blood cells are produced when there is enough nutrition in the body.

If the body does not have enough nutrition in it, the organs which are associated with producing blood fail to do so. As a result, pets end up being lethargic and perilously close to death.

As a Pet Owner

It can be truly devastating to see a beloved pet companion go through wholly preventable healthy issues. A lot of pets undergo a lot of unnecessary medication and medical procedures simply because their owners were remiss in their duty. Please don’t be like those owners. We pray that each article that we publish help raise awareness regarding proper pet nutrition.

Have you ever seen a pet undergo a health issue because of proper nutrition? What issue did they go through?

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