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Hands-on Pet Owner 101: Can You DIY Dog Food?

Hello and welcome back to another article by CR Dogs! We’re so happy that you’re here. We’re particularly glad to address one question that we’ve been getting for several months now: can you DIY dog food?

The quick answer is YES. Yes, you can do your pet’s food yourself. There are just a few things that you will need to consider when you are planning to get into DIY dog food. Things like:


Choosing to be a bit more hands-on regarding the production of your dog’s food can be rather time consuming for newbies. It takes some time to prep the ingredients and then put them together. If you’re absurdly busy, being a bit more hands on may be quite unrealistic or impractical.

It’s not just the preparation and the production that takes time. It also takes up a lot of your time to have to build or follow recipes to the letter. Some recipes may have pretty specific ingredients so you’ll have to find time to obtain those ingredients.

If you are dedicated to making your dog’s food by yourself, you should try to see if you can really have a sustained schedule specifically for prepping and making the food so you won’t have to worry about supply. When done and studied properly, the whole process of making your own pet food can be a really routine and swift thing to do.

The Specific Needs of the Animal

Not all dog food is the same—especially for the type of food that the owners make themselves. If you’re planning on making your own dog’s food, you should consult their vet prior to the move to DIY food. This way, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the nutritional needs of your dog.

If your dog is still a pup, the vet will be able to give you a breakdown of the sort of nutrients that they need in order to grow up healthy. The vet should be consulted whenever the dog ages further. Their dietary needs may change with age so it would be important for you to be aware of those changes.

When you are aware of the changes, then you will be able to effectively create meals that would be optimized for their consumption.

As a Pet Owner

It is important for you to know your options are when it comes to your pet’s food. If you are considering making your pet’s food yourself, we highly suggest that you stock up on knowledge about what best goes into pet food. There are a lot of resources that you can utilize in your DIY pet food journey and we hope that you utilize them well.

So while the answer is yes, you can DIY dog food, the next question will be: will you consider doing your pet’s food yourself?

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