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a1 - About CR Dogs

Having a pet is honestly one of the best privileges that we get to experience in our lives. The unconditional love and trust that we receive from pets is truly a treasure and we really should not let that go to waste or disregard it.

Pets rely on their owners to provide shelter, affection, and even sources of nutrition. If the pet owner is negligent in any way, it reflects on the animal. When an animal is not house broken or is quite overweight, we don’t blame the dog—we look at the owner.

We believe that more pet owners should be more responsible about the food that the give their pets. This is at the very core of our belief. So, hello—we are CR Dogs. We aim to provide pet owners with the right sort of knowledge about dog food and pet food in general. We want healthier pets as it is something that they do deserve to be.

You can expect us to discuss a wide variety of food related discussions. If there is any pet food related question that you would like to ask us, please get in touch with our site head: Christopher Mitchell.

We do hope that you’ll take this pet food centric journey with us.